NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate, SCPS
11 West 42nd Street, Room 509
New York, NY 10036

As we discussed earlier this week, I am currently pursing my Master’s degree in real estate at NYU and am unable to submit an online professor evaluation for a class that I audited.  As an alternative, I am writing you this email to evaluate Anthony Palazzo, the professor of Analyzing and Buying Distressed Real Estate (X62.9313 001).

Professor Palazzo was one of the best professors that I have had at NYU.  His passion for teaching real estate was evident during every one of his classes.  He showed up to each class with a smile and remained enthused throughout the semester.

His class was one of the few classes that I was excited to go to each week.  Unlike many academics that seem to complicate simple concepts, Professor Palazzo kept things simple so that his students could easily understand the learning material and apply the concepts that he taught to their real estate endeavors.

It was nice to have a professor that not only worked for real estate organizations but also built a company of his own.  In my opinion, it is invaluable to learn about real estate from people who have actually done deals of their own.  Real world examples are always better than examples out of text books.

I particularly enjoyed the guest speakers that Professor Palazzo brought to the class; people that I would have rare chances of meeting at this stage in my career.  I also enjoyed the handouts that Professor Palazzo gave his students, many of which were documents that he used in past deals.  The interaction with the speakers and the real world application of the handouts were extremely effective teaching tools.

In closing, if I had the chance to fill out an online evaluation, I would have chosen “excellent” for every question on the evaluation.  I highly recommend Professor Palazzo and hope he receives the commendation that he deserves.

Please call me if you have any questions. 

Randy S.