New York University

Schack Institute of Real Estate

School of Continuing Professional Education
Current Instructor Real Estate, Finance and Law

REDV1 CE9700 – Real Estate Investment Opportunities and Deal Structures

This Lecture / Guest Speaker Symposium addressed the significant changes in real estate and finance as a result of the 2009 credit crisis. The variety of topics covered included:

  • Locate opportunities in equity, finance and hospitality in today‚Äôs challenging real estate market
  • How to source value creative projects and how to determine the appropriate equity/financing structure for all the various property types including retail, multi-family and hospitality
  • Who to seek out as a Joint Venture partner in equity participation and financing opportunities
  • Where top Lenders, Equity Participants and Institutional Developers are looking for Deals
  • Who they will Joint Venture with and how they will structure their partnerships
  • How you can participate in value creative opportunities

Participants in the 2015 schedule included:

Thomas A. Danehey
Senior Vice President, Ciena Capital, LLC

Michael Keading, Esq.
Litigation Lawyer, Alston Bird LLP

Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Chairman, Raymond Garfield, Jr.
Garfield Public/Private, LLC

Steven Bluestone
Chairman, The Bluestone Organization

Edward A. Adler
Prior Managing Director, Deutsche Bank Securities

Richard Bosworth
Prior Managing Director of Hospitality, Canyon Capital Realty Advisors